Book return

Some of you have asked for a means of returning your borrowed materials when the library is closed.  Unfortunately, we do not have the means of buying a book drop (they cost $1,000 or more!), but materials may be returned to the Town Clerk when the library is closed, and she will take them to the library next time it is open.  HTH!


5 thoughts on “Book return

  1. I thought there was a way to renew online but I am not seeing that anywhere.Am I missing somehing? Very nice site by the way.

  2. I guess I’m just not understanding the directions. where do I put in username and password? I clicked on the wordpress icon and put that info in as you said and I t comes up as invalid.. i’ll come in tomorrow and maybe I can try it there.

    • Oh — you have to go to the catalog (in the menu) and toward the top is a link for “log in to my account” or something like that. After you have clicked on the link, enter your username and password – It’s all related through our catalog/circulation software.

      Kacy ________________________________________

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