Readers’ Advisory

Don’t know what to read next?  Try these out!

What’s Next
If you like one book in a series, this site will tell you what other books are in the series and in what order.

Library Journal
Articles, reviews, prepublication information, plus previews of upcoming issues.

Lively reviews of dozens of new books, interviews,and information on Oprah’s book club. Now you can search the archives for the reviews you’ve missed.

If you like one author, here you can find other similar authors. Or one genre – find other books. Very useful for broadening what you like to read.

New York Times
You’ll need to register the first time you visit, but after that you’ll have access to full text reviews back to 1980. Now including hundreds of first chapters of newly reviewed books!

NY Review of Books
A rapidly growing archive of their reviews and articles.

A web site for ravenous readers. Overbooked specializes in literary and genre fiction information, author web pages, annotated lists of nonfiction, fiction and mystery books, and reviews.

Romantic Times
For readers and writers — the trade journal of romance fiction, with over 100 reviews of new books every week.

Diana Herald reads a book a day and collects her brief, lively reviews on this Web page. A great source for teen readers!

The venerable and award-winning journal of science fiction, complete with interviews, reviews and recommended reading lists.

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